Software localization - translation and editing

  1. NetObjects - website generating software

  2. Tharo Systems - bar code and labeling software

  3. Linx - printer software

  4. Leading European Mobile Phone Operator - mobile computer software installation and help guides

Corporate compliance materials

  1. online employee training courses

Prague Information Service

  1. translation of online monthly cultural listings.

Chinook Energy  - world leader in gasification and pyrolysis

  1. website translation

Jaguar Cars Ltd. - main Czech language proofreader and editor

  1. new car owner's handbooks

  2. service bulletins

  3. recall actions

Ford Motor Company - Czech language proofreader and editor

  1. warranty manuals

  2. diagnostic messages

2K Games/Take2 Interactive - translator Czech to English

  1. video game development materials

  2. video games

Visual Data/Captioneering - translator English to Czech

  1. film subtitles

The Valley - William S. Burroughs

  1. translation into Czech of this renowned author’s handwritten manuscript

Logitech - Czech language proofreader

  1. adaptation of ads into Czech

Pergo - translator English to Czech for this leading flooring company

  1. consumer brochures

  2. installation instructions

Playworld Systems - translator English to Czech

  1. playground and recreational product brochures


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. - editor and translator during a 10-week on-site project, translating retail software materials and instruction manuals at the company’s world headquarters in Arkansas.  Part of a four person team and responsible for editing all translated materials.


Czech Airlines - Czech and English translations of their in-flight food menus.


Czech Ministry of Education - interpreted during meetings with European Union representatives focused on educational reform in the Czech Republic.

Brand and corporate name analyses.


Translating psychological market research analyses into English.

Clients & Assignments